Mandatory Credit: Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Team MMA is real and Team Fighting Championship is coming (Video)

Are you getting tired of watching mixed martial arts fighters squaring off one-on-one. Maybe you’re an MMA fan who also likes wrestling and want to see something somewhat in the middle, like why did Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler get to fight for the UFC welterweight championship, why wasn’t it a triple threat or fatal four-way match.

Well there is something coming your way that might be the middle ground you were looking for… Team MMA. Yes it is ridiculous and absolutely awful, and this really is just a sanctioned bar brawl.

The promo below is for “Team Fighting Championship,” barely a name change from the “Ultimate Fighting Championship.” It features two teams of five brawling and when you tap out or get pounded out, you’re out. The guy whipping your ass gets to stay and go team up on one of your teammates and things get lopsided really quickly.

The ring looks just awful too, instead of posts they have tires and ropes that look purely decorative and not functional at all. Check it out below:


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