Nancy Grace implies Owen Hart died from steroid abuse, Mick Foley calls for an apology

Nancy Grace isn’t the most popular person, and now she is facing the wrath of the WWE Universe and their fans. Grace was covering the Ultimate Warrior’s untimely death Wednesday night on Headline News just days after Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and appeared at WrestleMania and Raw.

Opening the segment Grace introduces former wrestling star Diamond Dallas Page and states: “So many wrestlers dead, now accusations of steroids and illegal drugs swirling. Take a look at wrestlers who died young.”

That is when a list of wrestlers who died too young scrolled through on the screen as Grace talked about the long-term effects of steroid abuse. There was one notable name that caught a  lot of attention, Owen Hart.

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This obviously presented an issue because Owen Hart didn’t die of steroid or drug abuse, but because of a freak accident an equipment malfunction during a daring entrance to the ring caused Hart to fall to his death. Former WWE superstar Mick Foley has called for Nancy Grace to apologize saying she has “caused his family great pain.”

There is also no evidence as of now that the Ultimate Warrior’s death was caused by steroids or a result of steroid abuse.

You can watch Grace’s segment below:

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