Tony Reali leaving ESPN’s ‘PTI’ for ‘Good Morning America’

Almost thirteen years ago, we were introduced to a new television program on ESPN entitled PTI which featured two former radio hosts/columnists bantering back and forth on sports hot topics.

With them came ‘Stat Boy’.

The show proved to be a success as was ‘Stat Boy’ who would later become known by his real name, Tony Reali. Reali turned his success on PTI into hosting another ESPN show, Around The Horn and now he’s turned that into a gig at ABC’s Good Morning America. The man he started as ‘Stat Boy’ will be leaving his original home, PTI where he’ll join the morning show as he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Nobody is pushing the mute button on Tony Reali. The ESPN personality, who’s brandished the Around the Horn silencer as host of the panel series since 2004, has re-upped his deal with the cable network — and scored a regular gig on Good Morning America in the process.

While Reali will be departing PTI, he will be sticking with Around The Horn so you should still get your fill of the popular host on the Worldwide Leader.

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