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WWE star shares photo of Ultimate Warrior meeting Macho Man in heaven

The professional wrestling world and their fans were shocked on Tuesday night, when news surfaced that Jim Hellwig, known to fans as The Ultimate Warrior, passed away less than 24 hours after making an appearance on WWE Monday Night Raw and being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame a few days prior.

Hellwig collapsed while walking to his car outside of a hotel in Arizona before being pronounced dead at the age of 54.

Former WWE stars and fans continue to mourn the loss of The Ultimate Warrior, who was a fan favorite during his time inside of the ring, and one former WWE star shared a great photo of The Ultimate Warrior as a tribute.

Scott Hall, who performed under suck stage names like Razor Ramon, tweeted out a photo on his account that shows The Ultimate Warrior meeting another late WWE star, Macho Man Randy Savage, at the pearly gates in heaven.

You can check out the photo below:

The Ultimate Warrior leaves behind a wife and two daughters, and he will not be forgotten for the countless hours of entertainment and excitement that he provided many wrestling fans during their youth.

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