Conan O'Brien plans to spoil Game of Thrones so people will watch MTV Movie Awards instead

This Sunday marks another new episode of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones and while scores of fans will be glued to their television sets or their HBO Go devices — assuming the servers don’t crash — to take in all of the action.

But MTV Movie Awards host Conan O’Brien is planning on altering those plans as he wants to spoil the new episode so that those scores of fans who would normally be watching Game of Thrones will be watching him on MTV.

Per Entertainment Weekly:

“I’ve also gotten a hold of the Game of Thrones episode that’s on that night,” O’Brien continues. “So on the day before the awards, I’m going to get out as many spoilers as possible to kill the Game of Thrones experience for people. Then, out of either despair or rage, they’ll have to tune in to see the MTV Movie Awards.”

Conan has always been sharp with this kind of comedy and we’ve come to expect it from years of watching him develop his style .This year’s MTV Movie Awards will probably be watch by the same group of teenagers who watch it every year but this time around they may be in for an actual good time now that Conan O’Brien is in charge.

If you want more Game of Thrones action, be sure to check out Winter Is Coming Live for all the latest insight on the newest episodes of the hit HBO show.

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