NBA Logos redesigned with Pokemon added

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There is a trend of redesigning logos and uniforms and mashing them up with other things that has taken over the internet for bored graphic designers. We’ve seen logos redesigned as corporate logos, we’ve seen Stars Wars themed NFL helmets and NFL logos redesigned as European Soccer crests.

Now, one person has taken the initiative to recreate all the NBA logos with a Pokemon twist. An  imgur user who goes by “musclesmicah” uploaded all the images before they made their way to the NBA sub-Reddit where they were uploaded by sonybajor12. Not sure if they’re the same guy, but thanks for sharing anyways.

We have them all in the following slides and just a heads up, there are two bonus throw backs in there including one team that has since relocated and changed their mascot.

[h/t] Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard

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