Nirvana performs with Lorde, Joan Jett and Sonic Youth at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

While there were other bands inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Thursday night, the crown jewel of them all was the grunge band Nirvana, who were inducted into the hallowed halls of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the help of some fellow musical pioneers.

If you ever followed Nirvana, then you were likely aware of their quirky sensibilities when it came to their influences and their musical tastes. While they would rock out next to The Jesus Lizards or core The Melvins, they’d also praise acts like Public Enemy despite the clear musical and cultural differences.

So it seems only fitting that the artists who honored Nirvana on Thursday weren’t grudge brohters like Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains rather it was a gang of four vastly different yet truly amazing female pioneers.

Per Rolling Stone:

Four female rockers – Joan Jett, Lorde, Sonic Youth vocalist-bassist Kim Gordon and St. Vincent – joined the living members of Nirvana to sing four songs by the grunge pioneers at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight. Jett sang “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Gordon took on “Aneurysm,” St. Vincent performed “Lithium” and Lorde covered “All Apologies” with bassist Krist Novoselic.

They rarely played by the rules and even the ones they wrote themselves were frequently torn up, but the musical respect that Nirvana has even to this day is unrivaled and it’s clear that their taste for being pioneers hasn’t been left in the 90s.

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