Watch Dogs: new trailer details Nvidia technology for PC version (Video)

Watch Dogs is set to become the next big release from Ubisoft next month. The game will come out for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Ubisoft has released a video that shows some of the technology from Nvidia being used in the PC version of the game.

The video mentions that Ubisoft worked closely with Nvidia to create the most vivid and breathtaking Chicago possible for the PC version of Watch Dogs.

They used a special technology called HBAO+ and this allows the game to produce more realistic shadows. This technology is faster and more efficient than previous techniques.

To address smaller details and improve the visual quality of Watch Dogs, they decided to use Nvidia’s TXAA technology. This is a new cinematic anti-aliasing technique that’s designed to reduce flickering when there’s movement while playing a game.

In the process of movement on the screen, TXAA will reduce the visual noise of flickering across game elements like fences, cables, grass or trees. These enhancements allow Ubisoft to create an stunning version of Watch Dogs.

The goal in working with Nvidia was to make sure PC gamers would enjoy and have fun exploring the city of Chicago.

It seems like they’re working hard to make the PC version of Watch Dogs stand out.

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