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Pellegrini: Manchester City must stop Suarez and Sturridge

Manchester City and Liverpool are squaring off on Saturday in a contest that will determine who is in the driver’s seat for the Premier League title. It pits the two top scoring offenses against one another and while Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini is concerned with Liverpool’s strikers in Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, he reminds you that they have a solid attack as well.

“It’s exactly the concern Liverpool will have against our team, if they want to be an attacking team – and they are an attacking team,” Pellegrini said, via Sky Sports.

“But I think we’ve done very well (defensively), Southampton didn’t have many chances to score. There is a team with 11 players and the 11 players must know how to defend and the 11 players must know how to attack.

“Of course if you defend with 10 players near your box, you are not going to have space for the other team. But the most important thing about these two teams is they play attractive, offensive football. Both teams are very close for this.

“Both teams have scored a lot of goals during the season but if we are with Liverpool and Chelsea at the top of the table, it is because we also know how to defend.”

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