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Saturday Night Live: James Franco, Taylor Swift interrupt Seth Rogen's monologue

Tonight marked the night when Seth Rogen dropped by Saturday night Live to kick off his third go around as host of the show but he wasn’t alone in his monologue. While we have seen plenty of cameos int he opening monologue this season, Rogen stoked those coals again and trotted out not one but three of his celebrity friends to help kick things off.

The first cameo was by New Girl star Zooey Deschanel but she was one-upped by a cameo by Rogen’s heterosexual life partner James Franco. Among the things they joked about was Franco’s recent run in with an underaged girl on instagram and some fun was had at his expense over his creepy gaff.

But the most surprising cameo of the night came when Rogen was getting down on himself and Taylor Swift popped in to help him feel better. The punchline with Swift’s cameo was that anytime a man shows emotions, she suddenly appears.

Overall, the cameos weren’t the worst ones we’ve seen this season and they actually helped get things off nice. We weren’t expecting much from Rogen’s monologue but his celebrity friends helped keep things going when they started to dip and at the very least gave us our first surprise of the night.

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