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Taylor Swift explains why she interrupted Seth Rogen SNL monologue (Video)

If there is a more popularizing pop star than Taylor Swift, we have yet to meet them. While some singers have been able to make waves with fans and haters alike but no other artist at the moment has forced both groups to the fringe quite like Taylor Swift has been able to.

But while she is loved to death by some and hated to no end by others, she tends to always be everywhere and that now includes random cameos during Saturday Night Live monologues. This was the case when she popped in to help out Seth Rogen’s monologue on Saturday Night Live this week.

While it’s clear that she doesn’t write her own jokes, her explanation for dropping by SNL was pretty good.

This cameo won’t win her over any new fans, but it’s at least apparent that she doesn’t take herself so seriously that she can’t laugh at herself or her songs.

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  • Tommy Murphy

    Taylor does write her own jokes, she’s the only host of SNL in it’s entire history to write her own monologue so you should edit this article.

  • michael arazan

    I hate taylor swift. Right up there with Paltrow. Elitist snobs, which will lie and do anything to make money, people like this use others and are not grounded and have zero modesty. They are part of the problem of the downward spiral of Western society. Also she pretends she’s country when she is just another terrible pop star. Hate “artist” like this that ruined country music forever.

    • guesttttttttttttt

      I’m sorry but you are completely delusional if you believe any of what you posted to be true. Maybe you should think a little bit more about what makes sense and what doesn’t before you post to a public place like this. You rhetoric is actually the type of rhetoric that is ruining the United States, not Taylor Swift. Nothing you said is based on fact, it’s merely opinion and when you base such strong opinion on complete speculation, things become dangerous. Please keep this type of point of view to yourself, people may read this and mistake it for something other than complete, speculative, media driven hysteria. None of your statement is actually in reality true at all besides maybe the fact that you hate taylor swift.

      It’s also not nice to judge people just because they make a certain amount of money. Taylor spends time visiting children cancer patients in hospitals all around the country and plays music for them. Maybe you are doing significantly more than that in your life to positively impact people, and I would applaud you for that, but I certainly am not and I don’t think most people try to positively affect others with near the level of commitment that taylor does so for that I would call her a wonderful person

    • Linda Suitinli

      “people like this use others and are not grounded and have zero modesty”? I guess that’s why she is always dressed up CLASSY and spend most of her free time visiting sick children in the hospital, just chilling in her big house with her cat or just watching tv, shopping with her friends, and not doing anything illegal or party a lot.

  • busted y’all

    How old was Franco’s date for the evening, oh sore point is it?

  • busted y’all

    Also the ‘author’ not even been bothered to read their own bio..
    “He has been with Fansided since Novemember 2010″ Wtf?