Tyrone Spong suffers nasty broken leg at GLORY 15 (GIF)


Just a few months removed from a horrifying broken leg that was suffered by Anderson Silva at UFC 168, GLORY World Series watched one of their own fighters suffer the same fate in the main event of GLORY 15 Istanbul on Saturday.

Tyrone Spong, who is one of the most talented fighters in the world, was taking on Gokhan Saki for the GLORY 15 light heavyweight title, when the injury occurred.

Spoke was throwing a leg kick when Saki checked the kick and the gruesome leg injury occurred.

A GIF of the injury can be seen here.

You don’t need to be a doctor to figure out that it was a broken leg.

Saki won the light heavyweight title, but it was not the kind of finish that anyone was hoping for.

We would like to send out best wishes to Spong and hope that he is able to have a quick and speedy recovery and that he is able to bounce back at 100 percent.

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