Wheel of Fortune contestant is the worst ever

It’s official. Indiana freshman Julian is the worst Wheel of Fortune player ever to step onto the show. After guessing every letter in a puzzle where he could win $1 million, Julian mispronounced “Achilles” and cost himself a large pay day.

It continued to get worse.

With only two letters missing in the obvious puzzle, “The World’s Fastest Man,” Julian once again screwed up and cost himself a car. Later, he for some reason thought that “On-the-spot dicespin” would be a puzzle and once again failed.

However, Julian managed to finish the game with the highest score and advance to the bonus round despite being the worst puzzle guesser we’ve ever seen.

I guess that says a lot about the other two girls on the show, too, so maybe it isn’t fair to call Julian the worst. The two girls that couldn’t beat him despite his lack of guessing ability would have to take the cake.

You can check out the video below:

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