WWE NXT Champion Adrian Neville. Photo Credit: WWE.com

When will the WWE call up Adrian Neville?

The WWE has recently brought up both Alexander Rusev and NXT Champion Paige who became the WWE Divas Champion on her RAW debut this past Monday.

So when will the next big NXT star be joining the big league roster? Well, the WWE had a promo the other night of Bo Dallas premiere during RAW, so that means Bray Wyatt’s little brother will be joining him on the road sometime soon. Meanwhile, the NXT Champion Adrian Neville will continue to defend his championship against the rest of the rising stars who are hoping to remove him from the top of their power rankings.

According to NoDQ.com, Neville will be competing on NXT through the end of the summer. That could mean he will be competing in the WWE Royal Rumble in January. Hopefully he gets another rivalry with Bo Dallas, but he’s got the talent to go up against almost anybody on the main roster.

It’ll be interesting to see who will take over as NXT Champion once Neville is ready to appear on RAW and SmackDown. It would be great to see him start off against a guy like Seth Rollins.

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