Bowler wears Google Glass for Elias Cup Finals (Photo)

On Sunday, the PBA Tour aired on ESPN with the Elias Cup Finals, and one man was looking sharp thanks to some technology on his head. Jason Belmonte, who was taking on Chris Barnes, gained more attention for his choice to wear Google Glass on the lane instead of the usual two-handed bowling style that gets people talking.

The image was brought to everyone’s attention thanks to the wonderful power of social media:

Wearing Google Glass has become more prominent in sports these days, but this is the first time that we can remember seeing a bowler use the technology when he gets ready to toss the ball down the lane.

You have to wonder if he rewatches video of his shots in between frames to make adjustments. If Belmonte does that, he is a genius.

At the very least, we hope to see some point-of-view videos from the tournament surface.

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