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Game of Thrones: Tyrion Makes His Decision (GIFs)

One of the stories that has been going on for quite some time has been the love affair between Tyrion Lannister and his favorite whore Shae. Unfortunately, the time comes in a man’s life where he has to make a decision, and it isn’t always the one that you would expect.

As you know, when Tyrion was called to King’s Landing by order of his father, Shae accompanied him. For a long time, they attempted to carry out their relationship in secret.

Then, something happened that absolutely no one, except those who have read the books, would have seen coming. Now that Joffrey was “finished” with Sansa, Tywin has proclaimed that his son Tyrion would wed the young Stark girl in the hopes that she would bear him a child.

Of course, there is very little chance that Sansa could ever truly love Lannister; however, she and Tyrion did as they were commanded. Surprisingly enough, Tyrion has been very good to her in the time that they have been together. Slowly, but surely, it seemed as if he was developing feelings for her.

This brings him to his decision. Ultimately, he cannot continue to carry on a relationship with a whore, while trying to make things with his young wife work. So he tells her that there is a boat waiting for her, and that he has ensured that she will live a full life.

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Credit: Zombie Prophet

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Credit: Zombie Prophet

I think one of the ulterior motives for this was to make sure that she does not suffer the same fate as far too many before her have, the loss of their life.


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