MTV Movie Awards 2014: Conan O'Brien teases Grumpy Cat (GIF)

The MTV Movie Awards are tonight and that means we’re going to get a nice orgy of famous people appearing in cameo roles to either spoof themselves, spoof each other or hand out awards while pretending to be standup comedians. Thankfully this year’s show is actually be hosted by a legitimate standup comedian, as TBS talk show host and former Late Night star Conan O’Brien is taking over the show and bringing his brand comedy to the scene.

For the opening of the show, Conan called in a lot of favors to make sure the bit was jam packed with celebrity cameos. Not all of the celebrity cameos were of actors working in Hollywood a on o them ore hilarious cameos came courtesy of a cat — a very Grumpy Cat.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Conan has his own brand of comedy and thankfully it’s working well with the show this year. While it’s not the Oscars, the MTV Movie Awards might actually be watchable this year thanks to Conan O’Brien serving as host.

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