Dec 5, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Louisville Cardinals quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (5) against the Cincinnati Bearcats at Nippert Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Draft Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs may draft Teddy Bridgewater

The Kansas City Chiefs are in a situation where they need to make their draft picks this year — the few of them that they have — count for something towards the future. While this has many fans thinking about defensive backs and wide receivers at the end of the first-round, beat writer Terez Paylor has another idea.

After the success of Alex Smith in 2013, Chiefs fans can rest easy about the situation under center but a long term quarterback of the future is needed and a Teddy Bridgewater slide on the first day could greatly benefit the Chiefs.


The Chiefs would have to be seriously tempted by Manziel. While he’s certainly a risky pick, he has uncommon ability, so the Chiefs might have difficulty passing him up. Bridgewater might be a safer pick than Manziel but his potential isn’t as great, so I don’t see the Chiefs going with him. The Chiefs don’t have a second-round pick, so there’s a chance the only player they get from this draft who has a major impact is the first-round choice.

This is an interesting and outside the box choice, as it’s not an immediate position of need for the Chiefs. But Bridgewater isn’t the worst option when it comes to quarterbacks and getting him as a steal at the end of the first and letting Andy Reid develop him is something that sounds pretty good.

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  • Josh Landers

    I would rather see bray groomed than tb. Idk why everyone is writing him off. Bridge water has been throwing poor passes with no pads on at his pro days. Bray on the other hand played pretty well in the preseason and from everything I’ve read his character concerns are not a problem. I think we can do better than bridge water. GO CHIEFS!!!


    Bridgewater? Must be a slow news day. With only six picks, this not a gamble the Chiefs can afford to take. And, what makes you think that be would be a steal at 23? Dude is falling like a rock.


    Bridgewater? Must be a slow news day. With only six picks, this not a gamble the Chiefs can afford to take. And, what makes you think that be would be a steal at 23? Dude is falling like a rock.

  • paul pace

    I still think the Chiefs need an impact wr and the draft this year has some really good talent at that position. Even though many will disagree with me, I still say the Chiefs need to draft a wr in the first round. The Chiefs are lacking a good #2 wr and this year’s draft is ripe for the picking. Drafting a qb is not essential at this time and I think would be a wasted pick. The Chiefs don’t have many picks this year so they need to be really on their game come draft day because they surely haven’t done much in F/A.

  • Shawn Thomas

    We Definitely need a wide receiver but the draft is full or deep with wide receivers

  • thabear04

    Pass on him

  • Stacy D. Smith

    If he’s sitting there at 23, I’d take a long hard look. He’s much too good a prospect to pass on. At least it would give us an option to trade back a bit.

  • Trevor

    This article is INSANE… I’m sorry you all… But there is NO chance Teddy Bridgewater falls outside the top 5… This is ridiculous. And to those of you who would “pass” on him @ pick 23 are just plain dumb. Not trying to troll but let’s get real… Have you actually watched a single game of his?! Outside of luck this is the most NFL ready talent in awhile… This has to be a joke

    • unclejesse40

      I would go freakin crazy if Bridgewater was still there at 23. I don’t like doing this to guys but that sounds a lot like what happened to Aaron Rodgers, teams just didn’t use their long term franchise heads and let him pass by them. I personally think Manziel is going to be a bust. I have seen him throw way to many passes in college over the middle of the field where huge Evans simply jumped up and caught it. In the NFL thats going to be picked off. He is just to careless with the ball. Some will say he is simply a play maker but I think he is careless with the ball.