DirecTV and DISH Network drop future WWE pay-per-views

Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears that the World Wrestling Entertainment’s run with both DirecTV and DISH Network satellite providers is now over with.

According to NoDQ.com, DirecTV and DISH Network will no longer carry WWE pay-per-views in the future. Yes, that includes WWE WrestleMania.

Both satellite companies have released statements ever since the WWE unveiled the WWE Network and announced that subscribers would be able to watch LIVE WWE pay-per-views for only $10.00 a month. Which is an absolute steal for those die-hard professional wrestling fans, not so much for cable/satellite providers.

Each and everyone of these companies has the right to be upset, but there’s nothing they can do about it. The WWE will not be shutting down it’s $10.00 per month/pay-per-view cost, at least not right now. Things could change sometime in the future, but I highly doubt this problem between the WWE and cable companies will be resolved.

That’s the nasty side of business, once a company finds something that works out perfectly for the fans, other providers who have been making money off a certain individual company will eventually lose money. But at least they still have professional boxing and the Ultimate Fighting Championship, right?

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