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Game of Thrones inspired drinking game: Castle Pong

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Anyone who has gone to college has likely participated in at least a handful of beer pong games, but now you can spruce up your table and turn it in to a medieval battlefield thanks to the “Game of Thrones” inspired drinking game, “Castle Pong: The Pregame of Throws.”

A campaign has started on to raise $10,000 for the project, that promises to add some flare to your typical beer pong game with some new, strategic rules.

The game will come with snap-on walls that turn your cups into castles, with colored flags to mark the castles you’ve claimed for your kingdom. Teams battle for territory until one side’s king is captured.

“We came up with the game on a Sunday when we were waiting for the next episode of Game of Thrones,” Alex Cory, co-founder of Fresh Dragon Games, said in a press release. “We didn’t have the typical set-up for beer pong, so we got creative and, with inspiration from the show, we ended up with a strategic pong game about conquests, kingdoms and the battle for the throne.

“Friends told other friends, we showed to some other people, and we’ve had an overwhelming number of requests for copies of the game. As it’s about strategy and having fun – while drinking responsibly, of course – we’ve seen a demand from college students, professionals and fellow geeks. The appeal of the game is broad and I think that reflects the audience that watches the series – and people who are bored of conventional drinking games.”

If you donate to the Kickstarter campaign, you will get some extra walls, flags, bags, and goblets for your setup.

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Here is a breakdown of how the game works from the Kickstarter page:

SETUP: The middle of the table is the Battlefield, with a hexagon formation of seven castle cups. At either end, each team has a single castle cup, called the King’s Cup, where they proudly display all the flags they’re not using. Each team also fills a Moat Cup with an agreed-upon beverage. The Moat is never targeted, so it can be any cup. We like to use fancy plastic goblets.

GAMEPLAY: To simulate what it was like in olden times, players must always have a drink in their hand. Players must also stand at arm’s length from the table at all times. Teams take turns aiming for cups on the Battlefield. You make one, you claim it with your flag, and the other team drinks – from the side drink they’re holding. No cups are ever pulled from the table in Castle Pong, and no one ever has to drink from a cup that’s had a gross ping-pong ball in it.

DEFENSE: Real castles are built for defense, and so are ours. When you  catch on an opponent’s shot that has bounced off a castle wall – they have to pull one of their flags from the Battlefield…and drink. Here are the specifics:

  • The bounce has to be off a castle wall, and nothing else.
  • You must be at arm’s length from the table to catch the ball.
  • Your feet must be firmly planted during the catch.
  • The catch must be one handed, and your other hand must be holding your drink.
  • You can’t use your body to catch the ball.

JOUSTING: If you make a cup that’s already been claimed by the other team, the two teams must joust for it! Each team selects a champion. It can be a team member or anyone else (this is a great way to bring other party people into the game). The two champions face off in single combat. For us, single combat usually takes the form of one-on-one flip cup, but you can settle it any way you agree on, from rock-paper-scissors to arm wrestling to actual combat (we don’t recommend that last one). The winner claims the contested cup; the loser drinks.


  • Draining the Moat -  Make the King’s Cup once, and you have Drained the Moat, which means that the other team must drink the contents of the Moat Cup (this usually requires some teamwork).
  • Capturing the King -Make the King’s Cup a second time, and you have Captured the King. The other team can try to rescue him with a shoot-till-they-miss attempt at making every single remaining cup (often called “rebuttals” in standard beer pong). If they fail, the King is dead and the game is won.

It is a pretty fascinating twist to your usual beer pong game and something that seems like it would be some fun, so how about you head on over to the Kickstarter page and make a donation to help this “Game of Thrones” inspired drinking game become a reality.

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