The Late Show fans wanted Tina Fey as replacement over Stephen Colbert

Last week, CBS announced that Stephen Colbert would be taking over as David Letterman’s replacement for “The Late Show” at some point in 2015, but it appears that there are viewers who would have preferred a different choice.

According to some data research from Keyhole, there was an overwhelming number of “Late Show” fans that wanted to see Tina Fey serve as the replacement host.

A quick look at this comment cloud shows just how popular of a choice Fey was:

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If that didn’t drive how the point, a simple bar chart shows Fey was the runaway choice by the fans.

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Unfortunately for the fans, CBS has already made their decision and they will not be getting their wish of Fey as the host.

There are concerns about how Colbert will handle his new job if he chooses to break character for the show, while no one has ever doubted whether or not Fey could entertain a crowd. It also would have been great to see a woman on late night television.

But, Colbert reigns supreme, and we will just have to sit back and wait to see how he does.

You can view the full research from right here.

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  • RosserX

    Fans may have wanted Tina Fey for the Late Show but that doesn’t she would’ve been right for the job. First of all, Tina Fey would’ve never done it because she would have to give up her TV and movie projects to do a late night talk show. Second, Tina Fey herself has said that she would not be good at being a talk show host because she says that she does not have the ability to talk to people the way that Jimmy Fallon does.