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A look at WWE's new 'Leprechaun' movie poster

The first horror movie produced by the World Wrestling Entertainment (Oculus) finished third behind both ‘Rio 2′ and ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’. Now with ‘See No Evil 2′ coming out sometime around Halloween, the WWE is preparing to release another horror movie this year but hopefully during the Summer.

WWE Superstar Hornswoggle will be taking the lead role in the upcoming take on one of my favorite horror series’ of all time, ‘Leprechaun’. I believe that this film is a sequel, but I’m interested to see if Warwick Davis would be making a cameo in this film or not.

When I heard that the WWE was planning on filming and releasing this film, I was hoping that it wouldn’t bomb and make the other Leprechaun movies look like trash. But one can only hope, right?

They released a minute and a half clip a month or so ago during WWE RAW, but it didn’t show what Hornswoggle looked like. All it had, was a male and a female spooked as something was moving outside a window.

A new movie poster was released for the film not that long ago, which features an old nasty Leprechaun hand that appears to be holding gold.

Never mess with a Leprechauns lucky charms, or it’s gold. Here’s a look at the movie poster, courtesy of

New Leprechaun Movie Poster

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