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Mark Wahlberg goes on profanity-filled acceptance speech (Video)

The MTV Movie Awards were last night and one of the highlights of the night included Oscar nominated actor Mark Wahlberg going on a profanity-laced acceptance speech when he was awarded the Generation Award by voters and fans.

His Entourage crew — the fictional one, not the real life counterpart — greeted him on stage to hand out the lifetime achievement award but that wasn’t the end of it. Things only got started from that point as Marky Mark channeled his inner Bostonian and reminded us of why he’s the unique talent that he is.

The moment was both bizarre, a little weird yet strangely totally awesome all at the same time. We’ve come to know Mark Wahlberg for his devil may care attitude and his play but his own rules style, and that was on full display at the MTV Movie Awards.

Plus, at the end of the day, it’s not like he streaked at the Oscars or gave this speech at the Golden Globes. This is MTV, it’s a award show that honors the best shirtless moment from movies of the past year, what did you expect to happen when they handed Mark Wahlberg an achievement award for being Mark Wahlberg?

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