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Netflix Streaming Speeds On Comcast Improve After Agreement


Within two months of signing a controversial agreement that sees Netflix pay Comcast for streaming, the video streaming service’s performance on Comcast service has seen a massive increase in performance according to the latest Netflix ISP Rankings.

Netflix Speed Index

After being in 11th place in February with an average streaming speed of 1.15Mbps, Netflix speed on Comcast has improved to an average of 2.5Mbps which moves them to fifth on the list, just above Time Warner Cable. That is an increase of 65% since the deal was announced.

“This month’s rankings are a great illustration of how performance can improve when ISPs work to connect directly to Netflix,” said Netflix via The Verge.

This, of course, has led many to believe that Comcast was holding Netflix power back in order to gain leverage for a type of deal that ultimately happened. Now that Netflix is paying Comcast, it seems as though the service provider is throttling Netflix service in order to make it stronger.


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