Rare ‘Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse happens tonight

On Monday night/very early Tuesday morning, folks in North and South America will have an opportunity to stare out into the sky and see the rare “Blood Moon,” as it has been called. Of course, Blood Moon isn’t the official name for what will be taking place tonight, but it sure does sound cool.

At 12:53 a.m. ET, the Earth will be positioned between the sun and the moon. This will result in the moon appearing to glow red.

In partial eclipses, part of the moon will appear to be black, but the “tetrad,” as it is officially called by astronomers, will have the entire moon covered in Earth’s umbral shadow. As an added bonus, we will get to see this “Blood Moon” take place four times through 2015 in six month intervals.

The next tetrad will take place in 2032, so you better take advantage of seeing this one while you get the chance.

For those worrying that the “Blood Moon” is a sign of the world’s end, well, let’s not get carried away now. Just enjoy the rare eclipse and soak it all in. If you are wondering how and where you can watch the tetrad, check out the video below:

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