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College baseball player steals home in unconventional walk-off (Video)

Seeing a player steal home is pretty rare, though, doing it in walk-off fashion is quite unique. Even better? Doing it in a rather unconventional way.

During a game between Calvin College and Albion, Grant VanPutten was standing on third base in a 2-2 tie.

The game in it’s final inning (they only play seven innings) was nearing a possible conclusion, so VanPutten decided to take matters into his own hands by stealing home. But it wasn’t done in the way most would have expected.

Often times, when a player steals home, he attempts to time the pitcher and gets a running start as the man on the mound begins his windup. But VanPutten opted for a different route.

As the catcher received the pitch, he began his motion to throw it back to the pitcher and that’s when VanPutten broke home. The move caught all by surprise and VanPutten was half way down the third base line before anybody noticed the attempt.

He of course slid home safely, providing one of the most dramatic (and unique) walk-off wins in recent memory.

Best part? The perplexed catcher.

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