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NBA Rumors: Amare Stoudemire may leave NBA to play in Jerusalem in 2015

The NBA career of Amare Stoudemire may be coming to an end soon so that he can continue his basketball career overseas. According to the New York Post, the Knicks forward is considering leaving the NBA to go play in Jerusalem after his contract expires in 2015.

Per Marc Berman:

“We’ll see,’’ Stoudemire told The Post. “You can’t rule anything out. The future is unknown and so if I have an opportunity to [play in Israel] and am still in great health, it would be great. I have one more year left on my deal and we’ll go from there.’’

Stoudemire hasn’t been shy about what he says are his Jewish roots and anyone thinking that his dedication to judaism was a farce need look no further than his devotion to the religion through observing all of the Jewish holidays. It comes as little surprise to those who know Stoudemire that playing in Israel is an option for him and it would be another interesting turn in an already insane career for the forward.

There’s no guarantee that he’s going to leave the NBA for Jerusalem in 2015 but he’s already kicking around the idea and we could see his professional career in America take a hiatus.

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