Promotional Poster for the film "Brick Mansions." Photo Credit: Relativity Media

New Action-Packed TV Spot for Brick Mansions (Video)

We are now just two weeks away from the release of the action-packed crime drama Brick Mansions. Earlier this month, we showed you a high octane clip from the film that highlights Lino’s sweet parkour skills. Now, thanks to the people at Relativity Media, we have a look at a new TV Spot for the film.

I think it is safe to say that when a place is deemed to be so dangerous that they put a containment wall around the neighborhood, this is probably not somewhere that you want to be. However, this is the perfect place to go if you want to hold up shop with very little police interference.

That is, until Damien gets put on the case. Damien has spent his entire career trying to take down a man by the name of Tremaine; the man who killed his father. Now, he is presented with an opportunity to do just that. The only problem is, this means he has to go deep into Brick Mansions.

With the help of a man by the name of Lino, who is played by David Belle, Damien finds his way into Brick Mansions and fights his way towards his ultimate goal, finding justice for his father.

Here is a look at the latest TV Spot for the upcoming film Brick Mansions.

Brick Mansions will be the first feature length directorial effort from Camille Delamarre.

The film stars Fast & Furious star Paul Walker as Damien. Brick Mansions also stars RZADavid BelleRobert Maillet, Carlo Rota, and many more.

Brick Mansions is scheduled to be released on April 25, 2014.

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