NHL Draft Lottery 2014: Florida Panthers get No. 1 pick

The Florida Panthers are officially on the clock after winning the 2014 NHL Draft Lottery.

With the NHL Playoffs set to begin on Wednesday night for 16 teams hoping to lift the Stanley Cup at the end of June, 14 other teams gathered in Toronto on Tuesday to find out just where those who missed the playoffs will be selecting when the NHL Entry Draft takes place on Friday, June 27.

The Buffalo Sabres entered the night with the best odds to select first overall with a 25% chance of getting the pick. And while the Washington Capitals technically had the lowest odds to pick first at 0.5%, the New Jersey Devils officially had the lowest at 0% due to the fact that they will be picking 30th in the draft no matter what transpired on Tuesday.

The full lottery order can be found below:

1. Florida Panthers
2. Buffalo Sabres
3. Edmonton Oilers
4. Calgary Flames
5. New York Islanders
6. Vancouver Canucks
7. Carolina Hurricanes
8. Toronto Maple Leafs
9. Winnipeg Jets
10. Anaheim Ducks (from Ottawa)
11. Nashville Predators
12. Phoenix Coyotes
13. Washington Capitals


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