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WWE Extreme Rules 2014: Main event announced at Smackdown taping (Spoiler)

Now that WrestleMania is out of the way, the next special event up next is WWE Extreme Rules on May 4th, and according to, at the Tuesday night Smackdown tapings, the main event of the event is now set, and it is exactly what you would assume it would be following the happenings on Monday Night RAW this past week.

A huge Six-Man Tag Team Match has been announced for “Extreme Rules.” During the April 15 tapings for “WWE Smackdown,” WWE COO Triple H announced that the reunited Evolution will face The Shield on May 4 at WWE “Extreme Rules.”

Again, this was something that we could all see coming after HHH, Randy Orton and Batista reunited on Monday night to take out the Shield after they had already been manhandled by half of the mid-card roster at the request of the Authority.

Now one can only hope, for business purposes, that this will not be the end all be all of this feud. There is a lot of money to be made from these six men battling it out throughout the summer, including a potential culmination in which there is one final six-man tag, or three separate one-one-one encounters.


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