WWE RAW script from April 14th episode leaked online, titled 'Evolution of Justice' (Photo)

WWE Raw Logo Photo Credit: WWE

WWE Raw Logo
Photo Credit: WWE

Monday’s RAW was one of the more memorable nights we’ve seen this year. Not only did WWE beautifully commemorate the career and life of the recently deceased Ultimate Warrior, but the end of the show gave us the reunion of the faction ‘Evolution’ as HHH, Randy Orton and Batista reunited to take out the Shield after the events of the week prior.

Well, now we know for 100% certainty that the show was to be centered around the pending feud as Wrestling News Source is reporting that a draft of the script has leaked, and as you can see, the title of it pretty much gives the angle away.


That script does look pretty much identical to some of the events that we saw transpire on last night’s edition of RAW, so it looks as if someone definitely let this slip through the creative cracks, so to speak.

Still though, with how epic a feud between the Shield and Evolution can be, this script could end up being a piece of history as three of the youngest, brightest stars in the business are about to receive a rub from three of the best known veterans that the industry has to offer, including the boss himself, HHH.


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