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Rumor: Cleveland Browns new uniform concept said to be accurate (Photo)

The Cleveland Browns are said to be getting some new ‘cutting-edge’ uniforms before the 2015 NFL draft, and a concept has been making the rounds on the Internet. Usually when we see uniform concepts floating around they are easy to ignore, but these ones are apparently something we should pay attention to.

According to a leak on Twitter, a “source connected to Nike” says the uniform concept below is “the closest concept they’ve seen to date”:

The uniforms give the Browns look a modern twist while sticking to tradition, so these would likely go over well with the Browns fans if they prove to be accurate.

Of course, the rumor could be pulled out of thin air and hold no real weight,  but it is still interesting to take a look at.

If these concepts are in fact close to the direction Nike is heading with the Browns new uniforms, what are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • MarkIra613

    Not bad at all.

    And the “less is more” helmets, the most distinctive in the NFL, stay the same!

    I like them!!!

  • Jeff VanMeter

    I like these much better than the others folks have been showing.

  • Wendy Myers

    I would like to see something different. This concept looks to much like the old uniforms.

  • Travis

    Those are GORGEOUS!

  • Kevin Nichols

    I definitely think they should add the elf log too for the newer or younger fans

    • Thomas J.

      I totally agree I think adding the elf would tie that uniform together. Other than that I totally dig these concepts and I hope they bring back the orange uniforms but only instead of white pants it should be brown.

    • Brandon Willis

      I don’t. It looks to innocent and nice. I think that’s why they got rid of it in the first place. Now if they updated the elf and made it look more serious and vicious, then yea that would be cool. I think they should either do that or use the dog.

      • DevilsEpiphany

        It was Art Modell that phased it out…

  • Thomas J.

    I wish we were able to at least have an alternate helmet. I think it be cool if it could be brown with the elf on it but supposedly we are not allowed one so scratch that idea. Another idea i had in mind would be to put the elf in the middle of the field rather than a helmet and to use the elf as our actual logo. I just love that logo it’s so old school looking.