Where is Google Fiber going next?

Google Fiber, Google’s high-speed internet service that puts the speed available from other providers to shame, may be launching in a new city shortly. According to a recent job posting, Google Fiber’s next stop in the United States could be in the city that never sleeps, New York City.

According to a job posting on its careers page, Google is looking for a Regional Sales Manager for the internet service to work in the New York City area.

googlefiberjobThere doesn’t appear to be any indication of when the service could be coming to the Big Apple, and on their map of future locations, New York City isn’t even listed. However, with a job working with the service clearly open, it appears as though Google Fiber could become part of NYC sooner rather than later.

Google Fiber is currently available in just three cities in the United States: Kansas City, Provo, UT and Austin. Plans are in place to bring the service to San Jose, Portland, Phoenix, Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville, among others, in the near future.


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