Google Targeting Project Ara For January 2015

In front of an audience of about 200 people at the first Ara developer’s conference in California, Project lead Paul Eremenko revealed that the public wont have to wait long for the first access to the Ara modular smartphone. It’s currently scheduled to go on sale in January 2015 for approximately $50. 

When Google launches the first phone of its innovative Project Ara modular smartphone series, it will intentionally be a “boring gray” color for a specific reason.

“It’s called the Gray Phone because it’s meant to be drab gray to get people to customize it,” he said.

Ara, which is the code-name for the project, is a smartphone line that will allow owners to swap out physical components almost as easily as changing a pair of socks. Want a micro SD slot? A better camera? This modular phone will, by concept, allow you to upgrade your phone as you see fit.

The phones will run the Android operating system which leads to an interesting predicament. Android currently doesn’t support the drivers required in order to support modular components.

“It’s true that Android does not support dynamic hardware today,” said Eremenko. “The good news is that we’re Google.” Android drivers are due in December for Project Ara.

Eremenko stated that he will be finished with Project Ara on April 1, 2015. More information about the modular smartphone project is expected at the next Ara developer’s conference in July. A third one will be held in December.


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