NBA Mock Draft 2014: Last Day of Season edition

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Jan 27, 2014; Norman, OK, USA; Oklahoma State Cowboys guard Marcus Smart (33) reacts during the game Oklahoma Sooners at Lloyd Noble Center. Oklahoma won 88-76. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season comes to an end tonight and the final standings will be set in stone for the rest of the offseason. For some teams, the playoffs lie ahead but of others the season is over and all attention has turned to the NBA Draft his June.

We won’t know the official draft order until the NBA Draft Lottery takes place and awards the No. 1 pick, but for the time being we have a good idea of where teams will pick and who they will be picking when they go on the clock.

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  • Micahbro

    Why would the Bucks get Wiggins when they already have the same type of player in antetokounmpo

    • Vj

      Wiggins is way better then antetokounmpo, Wiggins can play Shooting guard 2

      • Micahbro

        That doesn’t change the fact that they both have identical play styles. So it would be pointless to draft Wiggins. Giannis can also play 2 so that is irrelevant.

  • Papi Midnight

    Why would Orlando draft a center when they already have a double double center who is 23 in Vucevic? makes no sense.

    • Noles

      You pick the best player available instead of drafting because of need. A trade could always go down.

      • Vj

        I would rather have parker and Exum over randle

  • Alex Kungu

    You have to be a Jazz fan. The Sixers passing up on Jabari Parker for Julius Randle? Magic passing up on Exum when they have no glaring need for Center? i respect the boldness, but the moves here make no sense in terms of team needs

  • Alex Kungu

    Also Phil Pressy is an excellent Backup and his young, no way their taking Shabazz who though has great handles is only 6’1 doubt he can play any other position

  • Toys4Tots

    Josh is a guys name but your trying to work that Ellen Degeneres look or is that a picture of your sister?

  • Nick Colucci

    You lost me at randle