TUF Nations Finale results: Patrick Cote earns nod over Kyle Noke in co-main event

With Chad Laprise and Elias Theodorou claiming “The Ultimate Fighter Nations” welterweight and middleweight crown’s respectively, it was time for the season’s coaches to square off inside of the octagon.

Team Canada’s Patrick Cote was hoping to keep the party rolling for his team, while Team Australia’s Kyle Noke was looking to spoil the party and continue his climb up the UFC’s rankings in a wide open welterweight division.

Round 1: The fight opened up with a cup check from Noke which halted the action for a brief moment, before he unloaded a huge kick to the head and then a head to the body of Cote. The Canadian was able to land a stiff punch that backed Noke up, but the Aussie answered by pressing Cote up against the cage while kneeing away at Cote’s legs. Noke was doing a good job of mixing up his kicks to keep Cote at a distance. Cote got the fight to the mount and was working from inside of Noke’s guard where he postured up and delivered some big elbows and shots to the body. Noke was looking to throw up his legs for a submission, but he continued to eat shots from Cote who kept the dominant position. Noke had no answer for Cote’s top game in the first round as Cote rained down some more ground-and-pound at the final bell.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Cote

Round 2: Noke continued to throw his kicks in the second round which showed he was not afraid of getting taken down, and he delivered a big knee to Cote as the Canadian shot in for a takedown. Noke unloaded a flurry of punches on Cote after noticing his opponent was hurt, but Cote managed to create some distance and get back to his feet. Cote seemed to be out of it following that knee, but he was able to find an opening to take another takedown midway through the round. Noke was getting the better of Cote on the feet, but yet again he found himself on his back and unable to get out from the bottom. Noke eventually made his way to the cage and where he was attempting to cage walk, but Cote delivered a hue knee to the body that hurt Noke. With the fight standing for the final 30 seconds, it was anyone’s round for the taking.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Noke (19-19 after two)

Round 3: It was anyone’s name entering the final frame and Noke once again started the round with the clear advantage on the feet. Cote pushed Noke up against the cage where he was looking to get the fight back to the ground to grind out a win, but Noke circled away and went back to the center of the octagon. Noke appeared more cautious in order to limit opportunities for Cote to go for the takedown, and he was utilizing the front kick to keep his opponent away. Cote eventually caught a kick from Noke and was able to drop for the high-crotch takedown Noke was hoping to avoid. Cote was working the body with soe small punches, while Noke was working hard to get back to his feet. Cote postured up and delivered a big elbow, but Noke scrambled back to his feet with time running out. Cote was pushing Noke up against the cage as the final whistle rang.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Cote (29-28, Cote)

RESULT: Patrick Cote def. Kyle Noke via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)


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