Binghamton Mets launch coconuts into crowd for Gilligan's Island Night


The Binghampton Mets, a minor league team that serves as the Double-A affiliate of the New York Mets, decided to have an interesting promotion on Thursday night that can be put in the “this may be a really bad idea” file.

Binghamton was hosting “Gilligan’s Island Night” at NYSEG Stadium, which they celebrated in a very unique and dangerous way.

Somewhere along the line, a person decided it would be fun to use a giant sling shot to launch coconuts flying into the crowd because, well, it’s an island theme. Get it?

It’s pretty easy to see where this could go wrong.

Sure, people may point to the fact that baseballs can go flying into the crowd at any time during a game, but fans in attendance are also paying attention while the game is going on. In between innings when coconuts are being launched into the crowd, not so much.

Besides, what is someone going to do with a coconut? Hopefully they provided something to puncture the coconut and a straw.

Here is a photo of the crew launching coconuts on Thursday night.

Stay safe out there in Binghamton, folks.

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