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Luis Suarez fans to stay calm during title run

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Liverpool fans are getting excited about finally winning a Premier League title after decades as they sit atop the table with just a handful of games left. Everyone around the club is urging caution and captain Steven Gerrard said nothing is Liverpool’s yet. Luis Suarez says he has been telling fans to stay calm.

“It’s normal for the supporters to get excited and be discussing our chances,” Suarez told the club’s official website, via Sky Sports.

“When I’m out shopping or out with my family I bump into fans who mention it to me. I’ve told them to stay calm and not to worry. We’ll be trying our best.

“For the players, it’s probably best if we don’t get involved in that kind of talk.

“Personally, I think that if I don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or read about us on the internet it’s better. I know what the situation is.

“Winning the title would be very special but we can’t think about that yet.”


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