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Taiwanese Animators: 'Meet the Bag Man' story from SB Nation (Video)

Steven Godfrey of SB Nation wrote a riveting piece called “Meet the Bag Man” exposing the practices of the anonymous boosters funneling money to college athletes. If you haven’t read it, this story it is pretty interesting as a “bag man” outlines the practices and details the experiences one in particular had. It explains how they operate, communicate the amounts of money getting paid out and why that Sports Illustrated piece on Oklahoma State was particularly scrutinized.

Of course if you don’t want to read the story because you’re in a hurry or your bathroom trips aren’t long enough, there is always this abbreviated and animated version you can watch from the Taiwanese Animators. They animated the story in their usual hilarious and over-embellished style, my favorite is the player coming out of Foot Locker with bags up his arm and taking a Pretty Woman like spin after a shopping spree.

[h/t] Taiwanese Animators

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