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Xander Bogaerts breaks up no-hitter with home run (GIF)

When rookie shortstop Xander Bogaerts strolled to the plate to face Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale in the 6th inning of Thursday night’s game, he did so in an interesting context. The following absolutely true facts are submitted for your consumption and careful consideration.

  • There was not a single hit in the game up to that point, as Sale had a no-hitter going and Boston Red Sox starter Jon Lester was working on a perfect game
  • Sale had struck out nine hitters
  • Sale had not allowed a home run yet this season
  • Bogaerts had not yet hit his first big league home run  first home run this season

Bearing all of that in mind, please observe the following GIF of Bogaerts blasting a solo home run to break up the no-hitter.


That is big time stuff from the rookie right there.

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