Details on two possible WWE DVD home videos

The WWE Universe is currently waiting for the debut of another professional wrestling legend. There has been reports of ‘The Icon’ Sting signing a deal with the WWE but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Fans were hoping that The Undertaker would take down Brock Lesnar to make him WrestleMania victim number 22, but fans watching across the globe, including those in attendance received a shocking result. Now that Takers WrestleMania streak has been officially snapped, what does the company have planned for Sting?

That’s a topic we’ll have to leave for another article, but Sting and Undertaker still have a lot to do this one that you’re currently reading.

According to WrestlingDVDNews.com via NoDQ.com, the WWE is planning on releasing home videos on not only Sting but the Brothers of Destruction.

Most young WWE fans are unaware of who the Brothers of Destruction consists of. You have Kane and The Undertaker, who have been tied together in a storyline that makes them “blood brothers”. In between their feuds, Kane and Taker have come together as a tag team to take apart other opponents, a team that was eventually called ‘Brothers of Destruction’. Fitting, right?

The other listed happens to be about Sting. Sting has battled a lot of former WWE Superstars, so I’m guessing guys like Mick Foley, Ron Simmons, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Lex Luger, etc. will be on hand to do some interviews about the soon to be WWE Superstar.

There’s no doubt this guy will be a future Hall of Fame inductee. That could happen after his brief stint with the company. Give it two-three years and he’ll be headlining a class.

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