Florida Father kills son in order to play XBox One

I want to ask everybody who is currently reading this article a quick question. Is gaming this important to someone?

Earlier today, I was looking for something to post about. I was searching high and low on Twitter, checking up on Major League Baseball, WWE and National Football League news until I stumbled across this article.

The title? ‘Man Kills Infant Son To Play XBox One‘.

My heart sank immediately. Realizing that there are people out there who would rather play video games than taking care of a life that they created, just baffles me.

It turns out, that there is in fact people out there who are unable to handle these parental duties. Cody Wygant, 24 years old, is the Florida Father who suffocated his crying son so he could play video games on his XBox One and watch television. The article posted by the Montreal Gazette notes that his son was placed in his play pin around 7 a.m. but was murdered around 1 a.m.

Wygant became frustrated because his son was crying uncontrollably, which prevented him from playing on his XBox. The article goes on to say that he covered his little boys nose and mouth for three to four minutes, then covered him in bedding.

“It is inconceivable that a Father could kill his infant son – it just baffles the mind.” Sherrif Jeff Dawsy via the Montreal Gazette.

The 24 year old Father was playing XBox and watched three episodes of that show ‘Fringe’, which got kind of boring to me after a season or two.

I’ve heard of things such as ‘rage quit’, but this is completely insane. No video game on this planet is worth taking the life of anybody, even if they’re talking trash online. The guy supposedly has a three month old daughter with his girlfriend (whose name was not released), who is currently with family services.

Such a tragedy. Rest in peace little guy.

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  • i love all people

    sad day in the world !!!who do u believe in I put my faith in God even though it hard cause that’s who I believe in !!!!

    • ira

      Aman keep beleaviing

    • http://ninsci.weebly.com/ Deeboy

      Love the 2pac lyrics. People don’t surprise me any more with their foolishness. It is indeed sad.

  • Moohamed

    Some people should not be allowed to breed, but nature was working, it should have left the girl there, then thered be no risk of this thing spreading its genes.

    I blame over population, this is what you get when there are too many humans in the world. and I put no weight on invisible sky fairies that does jack squat to do any real good!

    Get out there and be apart of your community that does real tangible good!

    • Holeybartender

      There are millions of acres all over the the world that are livable. We’re far from being overpopulated. The only places that are overpopulated are the cities we live in. You want to do tangible good in your community? Stop abortion and using excuses (not you personally,of course) like overpopulation to justify it. EVERY LIFE is worth living and it DOES NOT MATTER how we got here,just what we do when we get here.

      Just think of all those father and son bonding experiences through videogaming they could’ve had together.Its a shame. One of the main reasons I’m into videogaming is because of my father. I still remember the fun we had playing the Atari and it grew from there.

      • Moohamed

        No not every life is worth saving, how disgusting a thought, life for the sake of life, such cruelty nothing deserves, it is better that an unwanted child simply never becomes a child rather then suffer, your ethics are very perverted!

        A single cell life form is a form in of its self, we are NOT single celled life forms, we are multicellular, there for a gamete is NOT a child, it is a clump of cells feeding off the host.

        You kill millions of living things every day, when you wash your hands, when you walk out side, when you eat, for life to go on another life must end, grow a pair and learn to deal with it, or, the alternative is a 20 story window. Same with suicide it should be encouraged!

        And clearly you have no grasp of biological systems and as there is a difference between simple space and what a planet can support, we are 5billion too many as is!

        you prolifertards aren’t worth even talking to 99% of the time, and yet here it is yet again proven, arguments based on the most fundamental ignorance! The question is, are you so ignorant by choice? If so I encourage you to learn real scientific facts, you’ll find the world so much more amazing, and realize how badly we’ve screwed it all up at the same time!