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Keith Olbermann sends touching message to Craig Sager (Video)

While everyone was enjoying the NHL playoffs last night and hunkering down before the NBA playoff blitz blankets the ESPN channels in 24/7 coverage of what LeBron James is eating for breakfast, some shocking and heartbreaking news came broke that stopped everyone cold. TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager has been diagnosed with acute leukemia and will be undergoing treatment to fight it.

The reaction from the sports community was swift and heartfelt. Even fans who regularly give Sager a hard time about being a fashion rebel were shaken by the news that Sager is battling Leukemia. But the most heartfelt and spot on message sent out about Sager’s battle came from ESPN’s Keith Olbermann, who summed up our feelings about the matter perfectly.

It was a truly touching moment form a man who clearly respects Sager as a colleague and loves him as a friend. It’s not often that we see Olbermann get emotional over something like this, but even when it’s tragedy striking someone he loves, he still finds a way to put our thoughts across more perfectly than we could have imagined.

You may not always love Olbermann, but you can’t argue with his assertion that leukemia picked the wrong opponent.

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