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Malcolm Meets the Lonely Sister in New Clip from A Haunted House 2 (Video)

Friday is the best day of the week for moviegoers. Each Friday, a crop of new films hits theaters giving film fans something new to take in. One of those films hitting theaters today is the parodic comedy A Haunted House 2. Now, for those of you who want to get a little more of a feel for the film before rushing out to see it, here is a look at a new clip from the film that finds Malcolm is a rather precarious position.

For some reason, which we do not know at this point, Malcolm has paid a visit to the church. One could presume that he is there to meet with Father Williams, who is played in the film by Cedric the Entertainer.

As he makes his exit, he is all but mobbed by a group of women heading into the church. Then, they proceed to grill him about who he is and the fact that he is with a woman who is not of the same color. That is when it happens. This is when they introduce him to the “Lonely Sister.”

Take a look at the latest clip from the new parodic comedy A Haunted House 2.

Director Michael Tiddes is returning to his position behind the camera to direct the film. The script was written by Rick Alvarez and Marlon Wayans.

The film stars Marlon Wayans as Malcolm. A Haunted House 2 also features comedian Gabriel IglesiasJaime PressleyEssence AtkinsCedric the EntertainerScott BurnDave Sheridan, and more.

A Haunted House 2 is in theaters today.

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