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Giancarlo Stanton delivers walk-off grand slam (Video)

If Major League Baseball, along with all the other major sports, was not so visible in 2014 as it is, then Giancarlo Stanton is the kind of player about whom stories would be told. Tales would be crafted to tell of the extraordinary power that he possesses, about his ability to hit a baseball a great distance. The awe-inspired stories of his accomplishments on the baseball field would feel like exaggerations, like the tall tales that crafted notions of some of the heroes of the game in its early days.

Thankfully for baseball fans, there is no need to rely on such stories. And while a story well-told can be quite enjoyable, I think we would all agree that we would rather witness these displays of prowess for ourselves.

Take a moment, then, and enjoy Stanton’s latest shot, into an area of Marlins Park rarely reached. That’s not to mention, of course, that this was a walk-off grand slam as the Miami Marlins defeated the Seattle Mariners.

To think, there was some concern about the decline in his power numbers in 2013. I think we can all agree that Stanton’s power is alive and well, as it is hard to imagine any more than possibly a handful of guys in all of baseball capable of a shot like that one.

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