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John Lackey had a rough night against the Baltimore Orioles (GIF)

The Boston Red Sox are a likable bunch of guys. Whether you are actually a fan of their team or not, it seems to be generally agreed upon that, as currently constructed, that roster has a lot of guys who seem jovial and pleasant. One guy who might not fit that description, however, would be cantankerous starting pitcher John Lackey.

Friday night was not Lackey’s night. Facing a divisional foe in the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park, Lackey just did not have things go well. He was hit hard, allowing 10 hits and six earned tuns over 5 1/3 innings. Some of the damage was self-inflicted as well, as Lackey issued four walks.

In a turn of events that surprised nobody, Lackey showed his frustration on the mound. Please see an illustration of said frustration below, in GIF form, when Lackey did not get the call on a check swing from Nelson Cruz.



If lip-reading is your thing, I presume you take on the language of Lackey’s rant at your own risk. Starting one’s weekend off with such salty language is unpleasant, after all.

For better or worse, that is John Lackey. And given how good he has been for the last season plus, I’m sure the Red Sox will happily take the bad with the good. Ultimately that leaves the rest of us as the beneficiaries as we can collectively giggle when Lackey gets cranky.

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