Shaquille O'Neal, pictured here at the NBA All-Star Game, took in some UFC action on Saturday night.

Shaq eats napkin at UFC on FOX 11

It’s not just the regular Joes and Janes enjoying UFC on FOX 11.

Former NBA big man and current TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal was taking in all of the Mixed Martial Arts action in Orlando, FL, and the FOX cameras found the Big Aristotle in the crowd for a brief cameo. What happened next is something that only the Shaqtus (he’s got a lot of nicknames, ok?) would do.

After either realizing or being told he was on camera, Shaq proceeded to take a bite out of his napkin on his way to a fight against an invisible opponent for the live TV audience to witness. Check out the bonus fight for yourself below thanks to our resident GIFmeister Zombie Prophet!

UFC on Fox 11 Shaq


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