UFC on FOX 11 results: Fabricio Werdum dominates Travis Browne in lopsided decision

In the main event of UFC on FOX 11 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla., top heavyweight contenders Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne were set to face off for the chance at a title shot against current heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez later this year in Mexico.

Both fighters have been on a tear in their recent fights, and it was a fight that the fans had been looking forward to since it was first announced.

Browne came out showing off his power and rocked Werdum in the opening minutes, but the Brazilian was able to latch on the Browne’s leg and land a takedown. After controlling Browne on the mat for most of the round, Browne appeared to slow down and Werdum began picking him apart on the feet.

After just one round, Browne was gassed and it only got uglier.

Werdum began running away with the fight with dominant striking, which was something that no one would have expected, while Browne looked like he was trapped in quicksand with no way to respond. That was the story for the entire fight as Werdum went on to win a lopsided decision.

Check out the play-by-play for the fight below and our full coverage of tonight’s action by clicking here.

Round 1: Browne opened with a leg kick that Werdum answered with an immediate one-two combination. Browne then decided to go with a head kick that Werdum ducked under, before a wild exchange. Browne landed a huge right hand on Werdum, but Werdum was able to latch on to Browne’s leg and survive. After Werdum got back to his feet following the barrage of punches from Browne, Werdum was able to land a huge takedown and take half guard. It was the first time in Browne’s UFC career that he was taken down. Werdum was looking for an arm triangle while trying to pass, but Browne was able to buck out of the position. Once Browne got his head loose, he popped back up to his feet. Browne came right back throwing his heavy hands and looking for the knockout, but Werdum continued to come forward. Werdum ripped a huge shot to the body that landed flush and he followed it up with a crisp combo that landed. Browne caught a leg kick and backed Werdum up against the cage, before getting countered with some big shots by the Brazilian. Werdum was handling himself very well on the feet and was able to get the better of the striking as the round progressed. Werdum had Browne in real danger at the end of the round, but the Hawaiin was saved by the bell.
FanSided scorecard10-9, Werdum

Round 2: Werdum picked up where he left off at the end of the first round and was showcasing some much improved striking, which left Browne stunned. Werdum changed levels and landed another takedown, where he got a hook in and began threatening for a choke. Werdum took half guard and took head and arm control, which was trouble for Browne. Werdum scooted Browne away from the cage and passed to side control where he began to throw some hammer fists and shots to the head. Browne was eating punches on his back and getting dominated on the mat by Werdum. Werdum stepped over Browne’s head and began looking to take Browne’s arm, but Browne used his strength to get back to his feet. Once the fight got back to the feet, Browne was very exhausted and was noticeably wobbling around the cage. Browne shot for a takedown of his own, but Werdum shook it off and delivered a huge shot to the body to finish the round.
FanSided scorecard10-9, Werdum (20-18, Werdum)

Round 3: Werdum opened with a beautiful flurry that finished with a kick to the body and Browne had no answer. With Browne’s power, you can never count him out, but it was certainly trending in the wrong direction for the Hawaiian down. Werdum continued to dominate Browne on his feet. After some flashiness from Werdum and show boating, he delivered a hard kick to the body before pushing Browne up against the cage. Werdum was clearly in the zone and was unloading everything in his arsenal. Browne landed one big shot in the second, but Werdum answered right back with a big knee to the head and a flurry of punches that nearly put Browne away. Werdum answered a missed shot from Browne with a spinning backfist as Browne’s gas tank clearly was on empty. Werdum delivered another big knee while Browne just watched the punishment come his way without any ability to answer. It was all Werdum and in a big way.
FanSided scorecard10-9, Werdum (30-27, Werdum)

Round 4: Browne looked like he may had caught a second wind in between rounds, but he was still slow to strike and was being toyed with by Werdum. A kick to the groin brought a slight stop to the fight, but Werdum came out of the break by pouring the pressure on Browne and backing him up against the cage again. Browne walked back to the center of the octagon and was looking for a big shot, but when he came charging in Werdum landed a crisp combination to continue scoring points. Browne winged some wild kicks that Werdum was able to duck under while he circled around Browne and avoided taking any damage.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Werdum, (40-36, Werdum)

Round 5: Werdum opened up the final round with a quick takedown, but Browne was able to shoot right back up to his feet. Werdum was allowing Browne to come at him as he waited to counter, and it kept him out of any real danger. Werdum was the fresher fighter without question, which allowed himm to jump in and pop Browne with jabs at will to keep him at a distance. Browne needed to turn up the aggression and go for a finish, but instead he was eating combinations from Werdum that kept his head snapping back. Browne’s face was busted up with just two minutes to go, and Werdum picked up the pace in search of a finish. Browne threw two headkicks in hopes of landing a miracle come-from-behind win, but he was to slow to pull the trigger and Werdum was able to defend the strikes. Werdum kept doubling up on the jab and following it up with a right, which was all he needed to continue dictating the pace of the stand up. Browne had 30 seconds to go and threw a hail mary wheel kick, but the Brazilian stepped to the side and landed a few more shots for good measure to cap off a dominant victory.
FanSided scorecard: 10-9, Werdum (50-45, Werdum)

ResultFabricio Werdum def. Travis Browne via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45, 50-45)

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