Apr 19, 2014; Orlando, FL, USA; (Editors note: Caption correction) Miesha Tate (red gloves) fights Liz Carmouche (blue gloves) in their women's bantamweight fight during UFC on FOX 11 at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Miesha Tate: I thought Carmouche probably won the fight

In the co-main event of UFC on FOX 11, former title challengers Miesha Tate and Liz Carmouche had a hard-fought three-round fight that was decided by the judges. Tate received the win on all three judges scorecard, 29-28, but UFC president Dana White felt Carmouche had done enough to win.

During the post-fight press conference, White said that he had scored rounds one and two for Tate, but he does understand those who gave the bout to Tate.

“I thought Liz won rounds one and two, and I thought Miesha won the third round,” said White, as transcribed by MMA.tv. “But it’s one of those things where if you look at the second round,  Liz didn’t really do any damage. She took her down, she held her. If you give Miesha points for submission attempts, it’s not crazy to say that Miesha won the fight either.

“If you want to guarantee yourself a victory, take the judges out of it – finish fights. I’m sure other people thought Liz won the fight too, but if you look at what Liz did, just laid on her and didn’t do any damage, it’s not crazy to say that you could give the second round to Miesha.”

When Tate was asked about her performance, she was quick to admit that she was not confident she was going to get the win which was her first inside of the octagon.

“No I wasn’t confident I won it, to be perfectly honest,” said Tate. “I really thought that… I honestly actually thought that Liz probably won the fight, because she had more riding time. But I haven’t watched the fight. That’s just what was going through my mind.

“I knew she won round 1. Round 2, like I said, she kinda just held me there for a while. And from what I heard from other people, the reason that the judges said I won Round 2 was based on damage – the fact that I was staying busy when she was just holding me. I was trying to throw elbows, I had the guillotine attempt, I had the sweep and popped up and did some damage, towards the end of the round.

“The reason I won the round the round was just based on damage. That’s all I can really say — I haven’t watched the fight.”

FanSided.com scored the bout in favor of Tate for all of the reasons that she stated.

In the second round, Carmouche was controlling where the fight took place with her wrestling, but she wasn’t able to do anything significant. In the second half of the round, Tate was the more active fighter and threatened with some dangerous submission attempts. Because of her ability to stay active and attempt to finish the fight, she had done enough to steal the round.

Tate then went on to dominate the third round, which was enough to earn her the win.

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  • Danny

    Wow, someone who’s honest. I like both fighters and would have been ok if either won. For what it’s worth I would have given Miesha the 2nd round, though it was close. Also, I get that each round is to be scored on its own. Having said that, I feel if it was simply a 15 minute fight with no rounds Miesha won that. Liz didn’t really do a whole lot when she had the advantage, even in the first round. I do like Miesha’s honesty though.

    • Rick


  • BJC

    This is why in MMA it is always bad to end up being judged, generally some one gets screwed. Tate lost the first and second round but won the third round and finished strong. The judges gave it to her but I think they were wrong as is often the case. All in all it was a good fight. Brown was a huge disappointment in the main event.

  • Suke Mahpeen

    Tate clearly won the “fight” but it could have been scored 29-28 Camouche easily. But Liz barely did anything and Tate won the end of the 2nd round and all the 3rd and was clearly the better fighter at the bell.

  • Suke Mahpeen

    Meisha’s butt looks like two fine Christmas hams stuffed under her shorts!

    • slimdiasy

      But that nose on Big nose is huge

  • Jesse

    You have a typo in this article… paragraph 2 reads, “White said that he had scored rounds one and two for Tate,” but it should read “for Liz [Carmouche]“.

  • harddazeknight

    There were several points where I got the feeling that, even though Carmouche had a good hold on Tate, she just didn’t know where to go next… she didn’t know what to do. She needs to study Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 8 hours a day for about 2 years, THEN she would be a force to contend with. She’s tough and very strong with lots of natural talent but she’s not skilled when and where it matters.

    • Bonicushead

      Yup, agreed. Getting in position is one thing. What happens after you get there is something else.

  • RD

    The so called “fight” was downright boring, part way into the second round I changed channels. It seemed all that Carmouche was doing was holding Tates legs and putting her face in between…did Tate have a popsicle there for her to lick???

    • Bonicushead

      Nope…it was a stamp with a pic of a shag carpet on it.

  • Raymond Bermea

    Miesha Tate says she didn’t feel like a winner winning via unanimous decision over Liz Carmouche. She believes Carmouche had won. Carmouche had won the first two rounds, she believes.

  • Robert

    Well it’s good to see Meisha Tate is honest, most people in her situation would say “I dominated the fight, that’s why I won”…. Great to see her honesty! Love watching her fight!

  • slimdiasy

    Big Nose tate is not very talented. But dropping that Loser Brian Caroway would help Big nose.

    • Suke Mahpeen

      Ronda’s face wart is bigger than Meisha’s nose.

      • himler adams

        two heads on rousey’s face

  • himler adams

    Meisha is very limited and talent wise average. Not alot there to work with.