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Texas LB Steve Edmond: 'I really don't like Baylor; I still think they're trash'

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The Texas Longhorns played their spring game this weekend, with a new head coach Charlie Strong preaching toughness as they try to climb back to the top of the Big 12. In the final week of the season, Texas lost to Baylor who became the Big 12 Champions, and Longhorns linebacker Steve Edmond still can’t get that game, and letting the Championship slip away, out of his head.

“We could have won the conference. Even though I didn’t get a chance to play in the Baylor game, I really feel like we should have beat Baylor,” Edmond said, via Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News. “I really don’t like Baylor. I still think they’re trash.”

“I’m mad as I can be. I knew we were a better team than they were,” Edmond added. “And then … Baylor gets the win and acts like they had never won before. Even in high school, you know how to react when you win a game. It’s not like you never won a game.

“I’m like, ‘They won it, so what?’ They still suck to me.”

If it motivates the Longhorns to remember the sting of that loss, than by all means harp on it. They certainly wouldn’t be the first to turn a disappointing season into a chip on the shoulder motivational tool the following season.

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